Granite and marble countertops are beautiful additions to any home. They add elegance, style, and a sleek feel to any room they’re installed in.

As aesthetically pleasing as these natural stone countertops are, they are easily prone to staining and damage if not properly maintained.


Here is why you need to seal your granite and marble countertops:


Stain Prevention


Natural stone countertops are gorgeous, but they’re porous in nature. What this means is that whatever is spilled on top of their surface, they’ll absorb, and unfortunately stain the color of the stone.

So if you’re a fan of the nightly glass of red wine or if your kiddo just can’t get enough of that grape juice, it would be wise of you to seal your granite or marble stone countertops to keep them from staining into a permanent purple color.



Just to iterate, the porosity of granite and marble means they’re more likely to absorb whatever fluid is spilled on them, right? Right.

Aside from the problem of staining, this means that you’ll also have to worry about dirt, germs, and bacteria penetrating through the surface of the stone and building up over time.

Sealing your countertops will prevent this from happening and will maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen and bathroom.